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Nu-Rex designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and services original and unique products for antique Fords.

Antique Ford parts from Nurex are for Model A ignition, timing, charging systems and more - for 1928 to 1931 models.

Online catalog displays such items as:

* Alternator (6 volt)
* Alternator (12 volt)
* Alternator Pulley
* Generator Cut-Out (semi-conductor type) Positive Ground
* 'Pop-Out' Look-Alike Ignition Switch
* 'Pop-Out' Look-Alike Ignition Switch (with Accessory Terminal)
* General Replacement Ignition Switch
* Sparklite
* 'C' Spark
* Automatic Spark Timing System (Mechanical Advance)-12176
* Upper Distributor Plate with Modern Points and Condenser
* Distributor Cam
* 'AH-OOGA-HA' Horn Restorer
* Coil Wire
* Precision Timing Kit
* Extra Crankshaft Degree Indicator
* Spark Control Rod Adjuster
* Extreme High Output Alternator 6V
* Generator Cut_Out (semi-conductor type) Negative Ground
* DC Generator Band Regulator

They say:

Specializing in ignition, starting and charging systems, Nu-Rex has the specialized Model A parts your classic Ford deserves

Nu Rex
PO Box 9332
Ohio 44305