1956 Chevrolet

Once again the family cars were split into 3 series. The One-Fifty, Two-Ten and the top of the line Bel Air. There were now a total of 19 models - 3 more than in 1955.

There was a minor restyle over the 1955 model. This included a full width grill that contained rectangular parking lamps at each end. A 4 inch longer hood now sported a large chrome V on the V8 models along with the Chevrolet emblem's on the front end and on the rear deck. While on the topic of V8s, these engines could now be offered with up to 225 horsepower. Front fenders were broader and formed an eyebrow over the headlights. The left taillight now hid the fuel filler - further improving the side lines by cleaning up the rear fender with the removal of the filler cap.

One-Fifty (150)
The most basic, and lowest priced option in the range. Now even the 150 offered some L shaped side chrome, this now enabled an option two-tone body side paint for the first time. 150s came with black rubber floor covering, a single (driver side) sun visor and fabric seat coverings (all vinyl on the Station Wagons). Small hubcaps were standard.

Overall length of the 150s was 195.6 inches except the Handyman 2 door station wagon that came in at 200.8 inches.

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
15022 Door Sedan1826196882,384
15034 Door Sedan1869192551,544
15122 Door Utility Sedan173418339,879
1529Handyman, 2 Door Wagon2171227013,487

Two-Ten (210)
The chrome now swept down the rear fenders towards the bumper. More extravagant interior trim was also present as were ashtrays, cigar lighters, two-spoke steering wheel and a second sun visor. The Sport Sedan was seen for the first time. This was basically a four door hardtop with pillarless construction.

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
21022 Door Sedan19122011205,545
21034 Door Sedan19552054283,125
2109Townsman, 4 Door Wagon22632362113,656
2113Sport Sedan, 4 Door Hardtop2117221620,021
2119Beauville, 4 Door Wagon2348244717,988
2124Delray, 2 Door Club Coupe1971207056,382
2129Handyman, 2 Door Wagon2215231422,038
2154Sport Coupe Hardtop2063216218,616

Bel Air
The side spear was doubled on the Bel Air (which also allowed a more interesting two tone paint scheme). The rear fenders now also sported a "Bel Air" name plate and crest. A much more luxury appointed interior was seen which included deep pile carpets (apart from the Beauville which had vinyl floor mats as standard), electric clocks, illuminated and lockable glove compartment and a three-spoke steering wheel.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
24022 Door Sedan20252124104,849
24034 Door Sedan20682167269,798
2413Sport Sedan, 4 Door Hardtop2230103,602
2419Beauville, 4 Door Wagon2482258113,268
2429Nomad, 2 Door Wagon260827077,886
2434Convertible Coupe2344244341,268
2454Sport Coupe Hardtop21762275128,382