1957 Chevrolet

1957 saw a facelift, more horsepower and tailfins for the "Sweet, Smooth and Sassy" Chevrolet. Basically a 1956 model with extensive sheet metal reworking giving a lower, longer look. Once again the models were divided up into 3 classes; 150, 210 and the top of the line Bel Air. All sported the new oval shaped grill with bomb like extensions at either end. Normally flat faced these could be fitted with rubber tip extensions.

A new transmission called "Turboglide" (paired with the V8 option) appeared later in the model year meaning that some earlier models still featured the "Powerglide" transmission.

The Blue Flame 140 six cylinder was still available together with 7 other engine/power options. The 265 ci was still available but only for stick shift and overdrive options. The rest were the new 283 ci. The top option sported 283 horse power and Chevrolet proudly announced this "one horse power per cubic inch" association.

One-Fifty (150)
The 150 was the plainest of the range. It had side spears that where reminiscent of the 1956 210 series. Interior was fairly basic with rubber flooring.

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
15022 Door Sedan1996209670,774
15034 Door Sedan2048214852,266
15122 Door Utility Sedan188519858,300
1529Handyman, 2 Door Wagon2307240714,740

Two-Ten (210)
The new 210s now had a full length sweeping side spear that branched off towards the rear to form a second molding that followed the contour of the rear fender. The 210 was much closer to the Bel Air because of this feature but apart from some extra interior options there was little extra difference above the 150 base model.

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
21022 Door Sedan21222222162,090
21034 Door Sedan21742274260,401
2109Townsman, 4 Door Wagon2456255627,803
2113Sport Sedan, 4 Door Hardtop2270237016,178
2119Beauville, 4 Door Wagon2563266321,083
2124Delray, 2 Door Club Coupe2162226225,664
2129Handyman, 2 Door Wagon2402250217,528
2154Sport Coupe Hardtop2204230422,631

Bel Air
The Bel Airs sport a silver anodized aluminium panel between the side moldings. Chevrolet Bel Air crests are also present on the rear fenders. Additional trim also included bright rocker panel moldings and three gold chevrons were found on the front fender. Interiors of Bel Airs also had carpets and several more, distinctive vinyl and patterned cloth combinations.

ModelList Price ($ dollars)Production
6 cylinderV8
24022 Door Sedan2238233862,751
24034 Door Sedan22902390254,331
2409Townsman, 4 Door Wagon2580268027,375
2413Sport Sedan, 4 Door Hardtop23642464137,672
2429Nomad, 2 Door Wagon275728576,103
2434Convertible Coupe2511261147,562
2454Sport Coupe Hardtop22992399166,426