American Metal Cleaning

American Metal Cleaning has the capability of stripping steel, aluminum, wrought iron, copper, cast iron, brass, zinc die cast, stainless steel and other metals and alloys.

They say:

American Metal Cleaning, Inc. has been serving the United States and Canada for over 30 years and prides itself on being customer oriented regardless of job size.

Our automotive services include stripping the paint, dirt, rust, undercoating, light bondo and seam sealer in a totally non-destructive manner. We can also clean in between the seams throughly without leaving any residue behind to "bleed out" during or after painting. Different components we are able to strip are as follows:

  • complete body shells
  • frames - with or without suspension
  • fenders - inner and outer
  • doors, hoods, deck lids and other body panels
  • control arms, coil and leaf springs, sway bars
  • gas tanks, oil tanks
  • engine blocks
  • radiators and core supports
  • grill shells and inserts
  • cylinder heads
  • intake and exhaust manifolds
  • hinges & latches
  • wheels, brake drums, backing plates, spindles
  • rear differentials, oil pans
  • cross members, linkages, axles
  • miscellaneous brackets, nuts, bolts, washers and clips

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