MAC's Antique Auto Parts

MAC's Antique Auto Parts

MAC's Ford parts from 1909 to the 1970s. Large inventory with ordering online and printed catalogs also available.


MAC's Auto Parts -- is the place to obtain Ford parts for any old Ford. Mac's is a full-service mail order company selling a wide selection of quality parts for 1909 through 1970's Ford antique and classic cars.

Whether your automotive part needs are for an old Model T Ford, Model A Ford, Early V8, Ford Truck, Thunderbird, or any antique or classic Ford, Mercury or Edsel automobile from 1909 through early 1970's, Mac auto parts is your one stop source for you classic Ford, offering both exterior and interior parts.

MAC's Ford cover the following models:

  • Model T and TT 1909-1927
  • Model A and AA 1928-1931
  • Ford 1932-1959
  • Mercury 1939-1959
  • Pickups 1932-1979
  • Edsel 1958-1960
  • Econoline 1961-1967
  • Bronco 1966-1979
  • Thunderbird 1955-1979
  • Mustang 1964-1993
  • Falcon 1960-1970
  • Comet 1960-1970
  • Fairlane 1962-1970
  • Torino 1968-1976
  • Galaxie 1959-1972
  • Ford and Mercury passenger cars 1960 - 1972

Their website also has very useful vehicle specification and data sheets.

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