AMK Products

Restoration hardware (nuts, bolts, clips, screws) for classic Ford, Chevy, Chrysler cars.

AMK Products offers restoration hardware and parts for Mustang, Camaro, Chevelle, Baracuda, Challenger and other 1960-1970's classic cars

They say:

Our restoration hardware products include Master fastener kits for Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Mustang, Shelby, Fairlane, Falcon, Comet, Cougar, Bronco, Ford Truck & Chrysler products Ford & GM applications offer 85% of the fasteners found on the entire car !

In 1992 AMK was practically forced to purchase 1200 lbs of fasteners that had come out of the Shelby American Inc. plant in Los Angeles. Our immediate success convinced us to move forward.

Today we are still finding thousands of pounds of original fasteners and manufacturing many times more each year.

Our current inventory of 1960's -70's vintage automotive fasteners weighs in excess of 500,000 lbs!

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