Convertible Top Specialists

Convertible Top Specialists specialize in convertible parts as well as weather stripping.

They say:

Convertible Top Specialists has been in business for over 15 years supplying the best in convertible related parts as well as weatherstripping for most cars, trucks and vans.

We are a manufacturer, we make rear tacking rails (trim sticks) for most cars. We have one of the largest stocks of scissor top parts in the industry including reconditioned side rails, new lift motors, drive cables, NEW rear tacking rails (we manufacture them here) #2 bows and anything else you could need for your 1971-1976 full size GM car. We manufacture our own hydraulic pump mounting brackets and have bolt in pumps for almost every car made from the 50's to today.

We manufacture rear tacking rails for the 1969-72 GM 'A' body cars as well as 1969-1970 GM 'B' & 'C' body cars that use the floating bow. We currently make over 50 different styles of rear tacking rails for everything from an AMC, Corvair, Cuda, Galaxie, LTD to almost every GM application made. 

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  • 7503 N. Florida Ave.
    Citrus Springs, Florida 34434
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  • Phone: 352-897-4800