Jesser's Classic Keys

Jesser's Classsic Keys offer original keys for your classic.

They say:

We carry a complete line of NOS New Old Stock original keys and fancy gold plated keys and key rings for all American cars and trucks from 1900 to date. For the purist, keys can be stamped & cut by code.

Many styles of keys were produced in the 50's and 60's. White gold, yellow gold, nickel, and brass were used. Some keys even had diamonds and rubies. Many companies made different keys, but they are no longer produced. What we have is what is left over from the original production runs.

Our "CLASSIC KEYS" are 10k white gold plated keys with your car's logo on them and are very popular. They are the most versatile keys for every day use. We offer "Classic Keys" for almost all American cars and trucks with a matching leather key fob.

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