Mechanical Restoration Services

Mechanical Restoration Services, Offering a full line of restoration services for antique autos and classic cars

Services offered:

* Complete Vehicle Restoration
* Complete Engine Rebuilding
* Transmission Rebuilding
* Rear End Overhauls
* Steering Component and Front End Rebuilding
* Complete Detailed Chassis Work
* Engine Compartment Detailing
* Complete Rewiring Service
* Electrical Component Rebuilding
* Carburetor Rebuilding
* High Quality Body Work
* Show Quality Paint Work

They say:

Mechanical Restoration Services offers a full range of services from engine rebuilding to complete restoration of fine quality classic cars and antique autos.

All types of domestic and foreign vehicles from the brass era to the mid-seventies are covered. All makes from Packards and Pierce Arrows and Cadillacs to Chevies and Fords to Jaguars are serviced. 

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