Metro Moulded Parts

Metro makes over 10,000 different replacement rubber parts for a wide range of trucks and cars , from rare 1930s models up to the latest foreign and domestic models.

They say:

10,000 Top Quality Rubber Parts - - Metro Moulded Parts manufactures and sells an extraordinary assortment of replacement rubber parts for thousands of car and truck models. Metro's parts are hand made by experienced craftsmen using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality material available.

Weatherstrips Galore: Universal-Fit, Profile Spools, OEM Duplicates - - Metro produces various styles of "universal fit" weatherstrips, which can be used for a variety of auto and home applications. Spools of weatherstrip profile extrusions are also available. Metro is best known for its exact-fit OEM duplicates -- superior quality replacement parts which cost a fraction of the OEM dealership versions.

Other OEM Rubber Parts - - Metro designs and produces OEM parts for manufacturers in various industries, including aerospace and bio-medical. If you are a manufacturer in need of an outsource designer/supplier of rubber parts, contact Metro to arrange for a quote on your requirements.

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