Ford Articles

Below is our collection of Ford articles.

1955 Thunderbird
Although people like to believe apocryphal legends about things, the real reason the 1955 Thunderbird ever made its appearance, in the first place, was to give Ford a two-place competitor to the Chevy Corvette

1957 Fairlane 500
The Ford Fairlane 500, one of the last of the major Ford lines to keep its single headlight quite nicely fared into the front fender, was the epitome of the change that Ford had in attitude in the late 1950s

1957-1959 Skyliner
The New Ford Skyliner - The World's only Hide-Away Hardtop

1958-1960 Edsel
A Case of the Wrong Market at the Wrong Time

1959 Galaxie
That's why Ford came out with one of its more innovative models in 1959, the Galaxie (for whatever reason, they didn't spell Galaxy correctly, but it did make it stand out, didn't it?)

1961 Falcon
If there was a simple fact that came out of the unexpected sales success of the 1960/61 Ford Falcon it was that the American public was ready for a subcompact car

1965 Mustang
Only 18 short months had elapsed from production approval to the first Mustang rolling off the production line

1974 Mustang
The 1974 Mustang ended the in-house big platform/small platform brawl that had been going on since the 1967 introduction of the first big platform pony car

1975 Mustang
The 1975 Mustang arrived pretty much unchanged from 1974. The key was the return of the short-block V-8 to the lineup, although this change required extensive reworking of the model