Mercury Articles

Below is our collection of Mercury articles.

1949 Mercury
The 1949 Mercury, as typified by the Sports Coupe, was a very modern-looking car for that era. Rounded, the front end, which featured a minimal amount of chrome

1953 Mercury
The year 1953 was a landmark for the Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Co. As one would expect, they did continue to share basic body parts

1958 Park Lane
The largest Mercury every made, the Park Lane was to have been the crowning jewel in the Ford/Lincoln-Edsel-Mercury line

1960 Comet
The reason the Comet survived was simply because Lincoln-Mercury needed something to compete with the influx of imports that was starting to clobber the domestic industry

1969 Cougar
When Mercury dropped the 428 Cougar Cobra Jet into its 1969 lineup in April, this Ford Motors Division became a real contender in the muscle car wars that had been waging back and forth