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1956 Buick Century Riviera

Here we have a lovely 1956 Buick Century Riviera in two-tone white over gray.

Buick talked about the exciting new motoring ideas for 1956, the new color harmonized interiors and the sweep ahead styling.

Riviera was the name given to Buick’s pillarless hardtops (until it became a model in its own right in 1963)

rear view of a 1956 Buick Century
rear view

Buick’s had very distinctive full rear wheel openings and ventiports (port holes) on the front fenders.

side view of a 56 Buick Century
side view

Power comes from a 322 cubic inch Fireball V8 delivering 255 horsepower and is paired with a Dynaflow Drive automatic transmission. The Dynaflow contained a variable-pitch stator with blades that would open wide to give quick acceleration and then return to their normal position for cruising. This had the added benefit of providing improved fuel economy.

1956 Buick 322 cubic inch Fireball V8
322 cubic inch Fireball V8

Inside this Century have an all-new interior. Four colorful tri-tone nylon / Cordaveen interiors were available with the four-door Riveria. Owners of the 2-door Riviera had three tri-tones and two dual tones to choose from.

New interior in a 1956 Buick Century
all-new interior

Standard features on the Century included: directional signals, sliding sunshades, cigarette lighter, glove compartment light, map light, dual horns, trunk light and electric clock.

Options on this car include power steering ($108), power brakes ($37), Sonomatic AM radio ($96), heater ($85) and power windows (no original price available). This Century is a 6-passenger 4-door model 66R and has a 122 inch wheel base.

Buick produced 55,973 four-door hardtop Century Rivieras for 1956 at a base price of $3,025.

This ’56 Buick Century is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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