1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster

Something very special in Chevy Corvette history – the 1963 models! The first of the new C2 shape, a dramatic new design and the first major new look since the Corvette’s inception back in 1953.

Previously only available as a convertible, the Corvette was now also available as a beautiful coupe. 1963 however, was the only year they used a (controversial at the time) split rear window in the coupe.

While sales were 33% better than in 1962 there were still only 21,513 Corvettes made for 1963 with 10,594 coupes and 10,919 convertibles sold.

Side view of a 1963 Corvette convertible with the optional hardtop
side view

The new models actually used twice as much steel in its central body structure. However, with the reduction in quantity of fibreglass and other savings the overall weight was actually less on the new models.

rear view of a 1963 Chevy Corvette convertible
rear view

The wheelbase was reduced by 4 inches and compared to its 1962 predecessor and it was the first time they had used independent rear suspension.

Inside, the interior has bucket seats, a cockpit-cluster console and deep-twist carpeting.

nice interior of a 63 Corvette

While all 1963 Corvettes were fitted with a 327 V8 under the hood, it did come in four different outputs. The 250 horsepower version was standard. This car however enjoys the 300 hp version that is paired with an automatic transmission, costing the original owner a further $253.

1963 Chevy V8 - 300 hp
327 V8

A Corvette Convertible had a base price of $4,037 for the 1963 model year costing around $215 less than the coupe.

This 1963 Corvette is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for more photos)

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  1. My hubs had a ‘64 1/2, which resembled the ‘63. Beautiful cars.
    Does anyone know of interest in old Corvette News magazines?


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