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1968 Chevy II Nova SS

This Chevy II Nova was built in Willow Run, MI and fitted with the rarer 327 engine. It looks amazing in its Grotto Blue metallic paint.

1968 saw Nova’s first major styling change which was a look that was to last for a further eight years. It was now a longer and wider car with another inch added to the wheelbase bringing it to 111 inches.

It was also the year the station wagons were dropped leaving just a 4-door and the 2-door coupe you see here.

Side view of a 68 Chevrolet Nova SS
side view

All Chevy IIs were now known as Novas. The names Chevy II and Nova were freely interchanged in all of the Chevrolet literature. Front and rear nameplates read “Chevy II” while the rear quarter panels proudly displayed “Nova“.

Inside, the interior is option 739 – Blue Cloth/Vinyl Bench (custom) and looks stunning.

bench seat interior

The standard V8 fitted to the Nova was a 307 cubic inch V8 outputting 200 horsepower.

However, the original owner opted for a 327 that outputs 275 horsepower. It was an option that cost an additional $92.70.

327 V8

A standard V8 Nova coupe had a base price of $2,367 with a massive 200,970 Novas sold during the ’68 model year. However, this figure includes both body styles and all engine options including the six-cylinder models. V8s were fitted to a total of 53,400 cars.

This 1968 Chevy Nova SS is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for lots more photos)

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