1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 – Video Walkaround

Here we have a gorgeous 1969 Chevolet Chevelle Mailbu SS 396 in Burnished Brown (code 61) – a rare color! Inside, the parchment interior is great pairing with the darker exterior.

No longer with it’s original 396, it’s equipped with a professionally built 496 cubic inch crate engine that is balanced and blueprinted giving 576 horsepower and plenty of torque.

Chevelle’s were introduced in 1964 with the second generation running from 1968 – 1972.

The Chevelle Malibu was a mid-priced, mid-sized series. The base price of the Malibu 2-door Sport Coupe was $2690 with the SS-396 package putting the price up to $2,743, the Strato bucket seats were a $121.15 option.

Chevrolet built approximately 367,100 Chevelle Malibu’s and 86,307 cars had the SS-396 option.

This ’69 Chevelle SS is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for lots more photos)


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