1957 Chrysler New Yorker

1957 Chrysler New Yorker is one of those cars that you just don’t see that often – certainly far less than a ’57 Chevy. It’s hardly surprising as they made well under 10,000 of 2-door hardtops and it was about 50% more expensive than the Bel Air.

What’s nice too is this particular car is mostly original apart from one repaint years ago. It’s even got factory fitted air conditioning contributing further to its rarity.

’57 saw the second generation of Virgil Exner’s Forward Look with fins now soaring!

rear view of a 57 Chrysler New Yorker showing its large fins
Check out those fins!

Note the dual highlights. 1957 was a transition year with many states now allowing them before being allowed nationwide the following year. This meant that cars ordered in certain states could have the dual lights as an option. About mid way through the model year the dual set-up became standard.

Front view of the 57 Chrysler showing the dual headlights which were new that year
‘new’ dual headlights introduced during the 1957 model year

Inside, this New Yorker still has its original interior.

Original interior of a 57 Chrysler
Original interior

Mechanically 1957 was great news for the New Yorker and the mighty 300C as they both got the new FirePower 392 cubic inch Hemi V8. The single, 4-barrel carburetor version that was installed in the new Yorker achieved 325 horsepower. The TorqueFlite push-button automatic transmission was standard on these cars.

FirePower 392 cubic inch hemi V8 - 1957 Chrysler
FirePower 392 cubic inch hemi V8

Power steering was also standard and the original owner of this car also opted for power brakes at approximately $39.

As their most expensive model for 1957 (excluding the rather special 300C), Chrysler sold just 34,620 New Yorker’s across all five models in the line-up. The total sales of the 2-door hardtop you see here was 8,861 making this quite a rare car. Had you have bought one back then the price started at $4,202.

This ’57 Chrysler is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for lots more photos)

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