1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible

This is a rare 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible in Ember Red with Silver Grey Metallic rear quarter coves and a white top. It is fitted with a 361 cubic inch V8 providing 303 horsepower and Teletouch Drive automatic transmission.  The Teletouch controls are mounted on the center of the steering wheel allowing you to shift without taking your hand off the wheel.

Edsel Teletouch Drive

Edsel Teletouch Drive

One of the most distinctive features of the Edsel is the large oval “horse collar” grille.

1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible - side view

This Edsel looks great in Ember Red with Silver Gray rear quarter coves.

Pacer was the second step up in the Edsel range, sitting above the Ranger series. It used the same body as the Rangers with more trim. They both sat on a Ford 118 inch wheelbase frame. The higher models Corsair and Citation used a larger 124 inch wheelbase, Mercury frame.

The Pacer Convertible boasted: four built-in armrests, cigarette lighter and three ashtrays, courtesy lights under the instrument panel and rear armrest lights.

1958 Edsel Pacer Interior

Red and white vinyl interior captures the fifties perfectly.

Ultimately Edsel has become an iconic car that was unfortunately subjected to disastrous marketing (and bad timing as 1958 was a recession year). Its limited run of only 3 years has sealed its place in history. It is believed that only around 6,000 Edsels survive today.

Some available Edsel options in 1958
Option Price
Power steering $84.95
Power brakes $38.25
Power windows $100.95
Dial-A-Temp heater / defroster $92.45
Dial-A-Temp air conditioning (Ranger / Pacer) $417.70
Teletouch Automatic Transmission $231.40
Radio (push-button) with manual antenna $95.25
Radio station seeking with electric antenna $119.50

There were 1,876 Edsel Pacer Convertibles made for 1958 at a base price of $3,766.

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  1. there was expectation by the Ford bean counters that the Edsel would sell 100.000 models in the first year . in the 3 years it was made it never reached that figure. the 1960 model which like the 1959 model were just that years Fairlanes made over. the 1960 model had only just over 2000 examples made before Henry Ford pulled the plug. they are were made in 1959. that 2000 is across the whole model range.

  2. It truly is a shame I love tge Edsel I was only 2 when they cone out but I think they are a beautiful car and didnt deserve the redicule it got. I THINK the Deuce had it right just too soon and too forward I can look at late 40s and early 50s olds that looks to have a frown for grill work and yet had car Journalist say the Edsel look like I had a toilet seat for a grill Or a horse collar to me it was just a prominent grille that was different than the rest


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