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1963 Ford Country Squire

Once again for 1963 the Ford line-up experienced a full restyle with the Country Squire remaining the premier station wagon. Sharing the Galaxie trim level, it truly was top-of-the-line. See for yourself with this 1963 Ford Country Squire.

Ford described the Country Squires as the aristocrats of the wagon world. With distinctive simulated wood body trim and interior luxury rivalled only by other Galaxies mark this king of wagons.

A powered tailgate window was standard. This can be operated from the driver’s seat or by key-operated outside control on the tailgate. As a safety precaution, the window must be fully rolled down before the tailgate can be opened.

rear view of a 63 Ford Country Squire wagon
rear view

The Country Squire is 209.9″ long with a wheelbase of 119″ and is 79.9″ wide.

side view of a 1963 Country Squire station wagon
side view

Country Squires enjoy the glamour of Galaxie interiors seen here with its red pleated vinyl. Standard equipment includes: color-keyed rayon-nylon carpeting, electric clock, power tailgate window and even backup lights.

Interior / Dash of a 63 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon
Interior / Dash

There’s 91 1/2 cubic feet of cargo space with the load floor stretching 10 feet with the tailgate open (8 feet with it closed) – it’s 5 feet wide too!

large cargo area of a 63 Country Squire wagon
large cargo area

Power comes from a 289 cubic inch V8 “C Code” engine producing 195 horsepower costing an additional $109 at the time of purchase. This is paired with a Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission – a $212 option at the time of purchase.

289 cubic inch V8 engine in a 1963 Ford
289 V8

Ford sold 19,922 6-passenger Country Squires during the 1963 model year. With 19,246 9-passenger cars sold as well they manage to shift an impressive 39,168 top-of-the-line station wagons. The 6-passenger version you see here had a base price for the V8 of $3,127 with the 9-passenger coming in at $70 more. As well as the $321 engine / transmission option above, this car also has power steering ($81) and power brakes ($43). It was originally built in the Mahwah, NJ assembly plant.

This 1963 Country Squire Wagon is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for lots more photos)

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