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1967 Ford Fairlane 500 W-Code 427 V8

This 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 2-Door Hardtop is something of a unique beast. So, what makes this car one-of-a-kind when Ford made so many of these mid-size Fairlanes?

Well, under that hood is a W-Code 427 V8 and only eleven of this model were ordered with one. Not only that but there was only one in Clearwater Aqua Metallic paint and these options.

Of note is the fact that the 427 could only be ordered with the 2-door Fairlane 500 or 500XL models.

1967 Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop Rear View
rear view

​The Fairlane used the same body as it had done in 1966 with some minor trim changes. There was a new single piece grille and the taillights had the back-up light dividing the two lenses horizontally across the center.

Power comes from the W-code Ford 427 cubic inch Thunderbird High-Performance V8 with 4-barrel carburetor outputting 410 horsepower. This is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. At $1,276 extra we can see why only eleven people opted for them. That’s over half the base model price added on again!

1967 Ford W-code 427 cubic inch V8
W-code 427 cubic inch V8

Ford made a total of 70,135 Fairlane 500 2-door hardtops for the 1963 model year. This figure includes all engine variants from the six cylinder 200 cubic inch base engine.

If you wanted a 2-door Hardtop back then prices started at $2,439. An extra $106 would get you the base V8, a respectable 289 cubic inch Challenger engine outputting 200 horsepower.

In addition to the W-code 427 and transmission that was mentioned above, the original buyer also ordered the following options with the car: F70-14 Wide Oval Tires, AM Radio, Tinted glass, Deluxe seat belts, Shoulder hardness and Tachometer.

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