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1969 Ford Fairlane Torino GT – video walkaround

Sitting at the top of the trim level of the Fairlane series was the Fairlane Torino with the GT being the sporty version. The car featured is a 1969 Ford Fairlane Torino GT, 2 door Formal Hardtop made in Atlanta, GA and is fitted with a 351 cubic inch V8 and FMX Cruise-O-Matic Automatic transmission.

The base engine for this car was a 302 cubic inch V8 with the 351 cubic inch V8 a $175 option. The Cruise-O-Matic was an option too coming in at $222 (the base car came with 3-speed Synchro-Smooth Drive manual transmission). This car is also fitted with power steering – a $100 option.

Not much had changed on the Fairlane / Torino from 1968 with notable changes including a revised grille with more prominent dividing bar and squarer shape taillights.

Ford produced 17,951 Torino GT 2 door Formal Hardtops for the 1969 model year with a base price of $2,848.


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  1. I had one of these “notch back” GT’s when I was in the US Army, stationed at Ft. Devens, MA: Bought it in 1974 when I was 19! It came with a 351W with a 2 bbl carb, a “3 on the tree” shifter and bench seats. The guy from whom I bought it, modified it a bit: 850 cfm Holley 4 bbl carb (yeah, overkill I know), dual point distributor, “mild” cam, heavy duty clutch, and headers w/ straight pipes behind glass packs. The girl I was dating at the time lived 4 blocks away in a different set of barracks. When I would drive over to see her, she would always be waiting at the door. When I asked her how she knew I was coming, she said, “Are you kidding? When you light that thing up, everyone on post knows you’re on the way!” I sold it when gas went to 55 cents a gallon because I couldn’t afford it. I have pined for that car ever since!


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