1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible

1955 saw Mercury get longer, lower and wider and the Monterey got pushed down to the mid-tier level to make way for the new top-of-the-line Montclair.

This particular Montclair convertible was subject to a high-end rotisserie nut and bolt restoration and has covered just 200 miles since it was completed.

The Montclair was easy to identify as they had a small panel outlined by a narrow band of chrome under the side windows and filled with a contrasting color. The convertible made it even easier as it was the only series that offered one.

side / rear view of a 55 Montclair by Mercury
side / rear view

Inside, the luxurious Montclair used exclusive textures and colors with the convertible coming with all-vinyl as standard. The ’55 models saw the biggest array of colors and textures available in a Mercury to date.

two-tone all-vinyl interior

New for 1955 was a well-designed dashboard layout with a wide-sweeping three-tier fan shaped gauge.

three-tier fan shaped gauge instrument panel in a 1955 Mercury
three-tier fan shaped gauge

Under the hood all ’55 Mercurys received a 292 cubic inch Super-Torque V8. Merc-O-Matic equipped Montclair models got the Power-Pack version that offered an extra ten horsepower bringing the total to 195 hp.

292 Super-Torque V8

Priced at $2,712 the Monclair convertible together with the Sun Valley Hardtop were the most expensive models Mercury had on offer for the 1955 model year. There were 10,668 convertibles produced.

This ’55 Mercury Montclair is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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