1957 Mercury Monterey

This 1957 Monterey 2-door Phaeton hardtop was certainly different to anything that Mercury had produced previously. It looks amazing in its two-tone Tuxedo Black and Pastel Peach paint and continental kit.

Phaeton was the marketing name given to Mercury’s pillarless hardtops.

1957 was a major restyle year for Mercury and the first time the had bodies that weren’t just based on Lincolns or Fords. This was the first year for dual headlights came in too (Earlier models like this one did start off with a single light each side and it was changed mid year).

rear view of a 57 Mercury Monterey showing its continental kit
rear view showing continental kit

Mercury told us, “Dream-Car Styling complements and accentuates the low silhouette roof with beautifully concealed center posts… the rakish slant of the front head lamps… the forward thrust of new, graceful side projectiles. In side there’s lavish luxury in fabric, weave, and color.”

black and white interior of 1957 Mercury Monterey
black and white leather interior

This car is equipped with a 312 cubic inch V8 that produced 255 horsepower – the standard engine for the Monterey. Transmission is the rather cool Merc-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission with push-button selection on the dash. This was something a little more special than other push-button transmission cars as it also started the car.

312 cubic inch V8 engine in a 57 Mercury
312 cubic inch V8

Mercury produced 42,199 Monterey 2-door Phaeton hardtops for 1957 at a base price of $2,693. This car was originally built in Los Angeles, CA.

This ’57 Mercury Monterey is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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