1956 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight Convertible

STUNNING is probably an understatement to describe this very pretty 1956 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight convertible.

It was the space era and Oldsmobile were certainly heavily into their space and ‘Rocket’ theme. There was a rocket hood ornament, a rocket emblem on the rear deck and, of course, a “Rocket” engine.

1956 saw a new side trim formation on Oldsmobiles, giving a different look when the two-tone paint was used, there was a new split grille, parking lights were located inside the front bumper and revised projectile taillights were used.

rear view of a 1956 Oldsmobile Super Eighty Eight Convertible
rear view

Inside we have an amazing, two-tone red / white cloth and vinyl interior.

top down view of the interior of a 56 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible
Top down fun

Power comes from the factory 324 cubic inch V8 ‘Rocket’ engine that produced 240 horsepower. This is paired with a Jetaway Hydra-Matic automatic transmission which was a $205 option over the standard 2-speed manual.

1956 Oldsmobile 324 V8 engine - 240 horsepower
324 V8 – 240 horsepower

The Jetaway was an all-new version of the Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. As well and being smoother and more efficient, drivers now had the benefit of a Park position. Something we take for granted nowadays but prior to this the transmission would be left in Reverse and the handbrake applied.

speedometer of a 56 Oldsmobile
Jetaway – now with Park

Oldsmobile sold 9,561 Super Eighty-Eight convertibles for the 1956 model year at a base price of $3,031 and was the most expensive Super 88.

side view of a 56 Oldsmobile convertible
side view

It was actually a tough year generally for the automobile industry and, despite falling sales, Oldsmobile managed to retain their fifth place in the industry selling a total of 485,458 cars.

This ’56 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for more photos)

8 thoughts on “1956 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight Convertible”

  1. My Mom and Dad had a 56 98 Holiday 4 dr HT and I loved that car.
    Sadly, my Dad was killed in it in 1964. Hardly no damage to the car but I was overseas in Germany in the Army and it got totaled. This convertible is gorgeous. Too bad I’m not 20 years younger.

  2. My pop had a 56 98 2 dr hardtop. Creme& chocolate 2 tone paint job…I always thought it was the coolest of all his cars. However he never kept anything for long, always trading, buying and selling.
    I guess that’s where I got it from..lol
    This is a beautiful machine..❤

  3. My dad had a 58 super 88 olds coupe.2 door.hardtop that was a light pink color.tint.and v.8.automatic..rare car..wished he kept it..he traded for a station wagon..but.i have a pict of it..in 70 he offered to buy me a olds 2 door..I had a fit..I had to have a 66.ss.396 chevelle and won out..60 cars are great.rj

  4. beautiful beautiful cars, the old styles were better. None of this every car looking exactly alike. I could never afford these cars but I sure enjoy looking at them and remembering. Memories, you gotta have memories.

  5. I owned a 1962 olds starfire convert white on red beautiful car I had to let it go back . got drafted in the service could afford the payments got to go to VEIT NAM still looking for the same car.


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