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1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

This 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Sedan really captures the period with its superb fins and distinctive oval taillamps.

The Ninety-Eight models were the top-of-the-line for Olds. They has some distinctive features such as chrome trim that ran the full length of the car from the front fender ornaments right to the taillight bezel. The sweptback wheel openings also enjoyed a chrome lining that connected to the rocker panel molding giving a continuous line of chrome.

Check out that rear – it is really something quite special. Note too that there is a hidden gas filler in the center of the rear bumper. Its unique styling and OLDSMOBILE spelled out across the center panel there was no doubt what you were following.

rear view of a 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight
rear view

The interior looks great too and has been redone in white vinyl with gray accents and textured red cloth inserts. It’s a look that is sympathetic to the original.

refreshed interior of a 59 Oldsmobile
refreshed interior

Also present in the center of the dashboard is the original AM radio – a $102 option at the time.

Power brakes and power steering (called Roto-Matic by Oldsmobile) were standard on Ninety-Eight’s as well as it having a unique wheelbase at 126.3 inches.

Powered by a the largest of the Olds engines in ’59, the Rocket 394 cubic inch V8 with Quadri-Jet carburetor and Jetaway Hydra-Matic automatic transmission – they were both standard on the Ninety-Eight.

Oldsmobile Rocket 394 cubic inch V8
Rocket 394 cubic inch V8

Base price for the 1959 Ninety-Eight Oldsmobile Sedan was $3,890 and 23,106 were produced during that model year.

This 1959 Oldsmobile 98 is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for lots more photos)

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