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1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible

Stunning and rare is probably the best way to describe this 1956 Packard Caribbean Custom Convertible. The tri-tone Dover White, Corsican Black and Naples Orange paint is particularly striking – three-tone paint options were only available for the Caribbean.

The Caribbean had a wheelbase of 127″ with an overall length of 218.64″ and was aimed at the luxury end of the market competing with the likes of Cadillac.

These were well optioned cars with standard features including; power brakes, power steering, twin-speed Cam-O-Matic windshield wipers, electronic push-button Ultramatic, back-up lights, dual ash trays (front and back), Torsion-Level suspension, load levelizer, electic window lifts, fully automatic top, reversible seat and back cushions, zip-on (detachable) cushion upholstery, fresh air heater, defroster and front underseat heater, direction signals, oil bath air cleaner, powered 4-way seats, radio with electric antennas.

rear view of a 56 Packard Caribbean
Stylish rear with twin antennas

It was as if Packard felt the multitude of options available to customers buying a new car caused enough confusion it was better to say, “well here you go – here’s everything!”

interior of a 56 Packard Caribbean
Luxurious interior

One of our favorite features of these cars is the reversible seat upholstery. Leather on one side for ultimate luxury and cloth on the other for a bit more comfort on those really hot days. How’s that for a feature you don’t see with other cars?

And here it is with the rear seating reversed offering a orange and black alternative – how cool is that?

Rear seats of a 56 Packard Caribbean
rear seats reversed

Power comes from a 374 cubic inch V8 with dual four-barrel carburetors. This is paired with an Ultramatic automatic transmission.

1956 Packard  374 cubic inch V8 with twin carburetors
374ci V8 with 2x4bbl producing 310 horsepower

There were only 276 Caribbean Convertibles built by Packard for the 1956 model year, at a base price of $5,995. Sadly, this was the last year you could buy a Packard Convertible before the company’s demise in 1958.

This ’56 Packard Caribbean is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

3 thoughts on “1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible”

  1. There’s a lot to be said for the niceties offered by the mid 20th century models. Comfort and class was the litmus test back then whereas glitz and horsepower are the watchwords for today.

  2. I had a 56/57 Patrician and would take it for any of todays cars. that V/8 paired with the over drive trans was the fasted thing on the road. only problem was the air ride- the kids liked to sit on the rear fenders and ride it up and down till the battery went dead. Needed to turn it off around school. One of the classics gone by.


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