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1956 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe

In 1956 the Belvedere was Plymouth’s top-of-the-line series having been promoted to its own line in 1954. Previously it was the name given to their hardtop body styles.

Now in the second year of Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look”, Plymouth were given another face-lift. There was a new grille, new “sportone” trim on the side and there were now fins that began at the rear window. These fins housed vertical taillights that ran right down to the backup light housings.

This Sport Coupe (2-door hardtop) was the second best seller in the Belvedere Series (after the 4-door Sedan) with 24,723 cars sold. $2,214 would have got you one when they were new.

So, press play and enjoy the video walkaround of this beautiful car. The stunning interior is well worth a look.


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