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1966 Plymouth Satellite 426 Hemi

If you like an understated but ultra-rare hemi equipped car then this amazing 1966 Plymouth Satellite is the car for you.

Leaving the factory with the mighty ‘Street Hemi’ 426 cubic inch V8 is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

This Street Hemi was a very slightly tamed version of Mopar’s 426 used two, 4-barrel carburetors and was factory (under)rated at 425 bhp.

Side view of a 66 Plymouth Satellite
side view

Satellite sat at the top of the intermediate Belvedere line-up which was Plymouth’s mid-size range. These cars received a revamp that gave these B-body cars a very angular look that was cleaner than what Dodge was producing.

Rear view of a 426 Hemi equipped 66 Plymouth Satellite
rear view

The front fender badges are the only real clue that something real special is lurking under the hood. While some like the sleeper look, at the time Car and Driver magazine criticized the Hemi equipped cars for not having more distinctive identification.

426 Hemi fender badge on a 66 Satellite
426 Hemi fender badge

All Belvedere Satellites came with bucket seats up front with a center console and padded dash.

black vinyl interior of a 1966 Plymouth Satellite
optional black leather interior

Prices for the Satellite 2-door hardtop during the 1966 model year started at $2,695. Plymouth managed to sell 35,399 of them but just 817 were Hemi equipped – making this a very rare car!

426 Hemi V8 in a 66 Plymouth Satellite
426 Hemi V8

The 426 Hemi engine alone would have added a further $1,105 to the original purchase price!

This 1966 Plymouth Satellite with 426 Hemi is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for more photos)

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