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1964 Pontiac Grand Prix

Introduced in 1962 as Pontiac’s version of the personal luxury car, the Grand Prix offered buyers the chance to get a good looking car with luxury appointments with the bonus of sporty performance – all wrapped up in an affordable package.

It was based on the Catalina platform (120 inch wheelbase) but with the trim level of a Grand Prix.

Following revised sheet metal for the 1963 model year, the 1964 version you see here had just minor changes.

Rear view of a beautiful 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix in Cameo Ivory
rear view

This particular Grand Prix is presented here in Cameo Ivory with contrasting dark blue vinyl bucket console interior.

The Grand Prix came standard with bucket seats and center console. The 1964 interior differed very little from the ’63 although the seats were now ribbed from front to rear rather than width-wise.

Interior shot of a very nice 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix - dark blue bucket seats
all-vinyl interior

Under the hood they came with a 306 horsepower, 389 cubic inch Trophy V8 engine as standard.

1964 Pontiac 306 horsepower, 389 cubic inch Trophy V8 engine
389 V8

A 3-speed manual was standard although for $231 they could be ordered with a Jetaway automatic transmission. It’s an option that the vast majority of buyers opted for.

Power steering and power brakes were also optional at that time costing $108 and $43 respectively.

An even rarer (and expensive) option that is found on this particular Grand Prix is air conditioning which would have cost the original owner $430.

The Grand Prix was only available as a 2-door hardtop and had a base price of $3,499. A total of 63,810 were sold during the 1964 model year.

This 1964 Grand Prix is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for more photos)

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  1. The automatic transmission, when equipped, for the Grand Prix and lesser models was the Slim Jim version of the Hydramatic. The larger Bonneville’s automatic, when equipped was the older style Jetaway type Hydramatic.


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