Chevrolet Articles

Below is our collection of Chevrolet articles.

1953 Bel Air
Facing a revived Ford Motor Co. that was determined to sell everything that it had on its lots, in the pipeline and everywhere else, Chevy entered the 1953 sales year with a problem

1953 Corvette
When the first 300 'Vettes rolled off the line in 1953 they were driven by almost exclusively by General Motors execs

1955 Chevrolet
A new V8 engine and a great new look for 1955 made this year a landmark and exciting year for Chevrolet

1956 Chevrolet
Once again the family cars were split into 3 series. The One-Fifty, Two-Ten and the top of the line Bel Air

1956 Corvette
When the 1956 Chevy Corvette was unveiled, it was not just a tweaked 1955; it was an entirely new and vastly improved vehicle

1957 Chevrolet
1957 saw a facelift, more horsepower and tailfins for the 'Sweet, Smooth and Sassy' Chevrolet

1958 Impala Bel Air
The 1958 Impala Bel Air was the right car at the right time. The top-of-the-line, it featured new front end and rear end styling and was longer, lower and wider than its predecessors

1960 Impala
The year 1960 was a big one for the Chevrolet Impala. Not only was it the king of the mid-priced vehicles, but it was received a major makeover aimed at toning it down more than a bit

1963 Corvette
After 10 years in production and with various tweaks, the first couple of Corvette generations were ready for a real change

1964 Impala SS
The real SS was the NASCAR version with its 427-cubic-inch V-8 that was actually intended for short-tracks and there was a slightly toned down version available for street use by police departments

1967 Camaro
Billed at the 'Mustang killer', the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro was Chevrolet Division's answer to the incredibly popular Ford Mustang

1967 Chevelle
The year 1967 was a watershed for Chevrolet. It was the year the Chevelle stepped back THE performance Chevy

1968 Camaro Z28
The Z28 was the baby of designer Vince Piggins whose mission was simple: get Chevrolet a performance image

1968 Corvette
The purists, of course, didn't like the larger size of the new Corvette, which sported a wider track and better handling, as well as 150 pounds more in curb weight

1970 Nova
The item you notice almost immediately 1970 Chevy Nova was its curving roofline that moved through the backlight and rear deck to finish up in a single panel that contained two oblong taillights